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RipEX is a best-in-class radio modem renowned for overall data throughput. This Software Defined Radio with Linux OS is a native IP device which has been designed with attention to detail, performance and quality. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented.

RipEX provides 24/7 reliable service for mission-critical applications like SCADA & Telemetry for Utilities, SmartGrid power networks or any packet network.

Different protocols on Radio channel are optimized for different applications: Fully TransparentFlexible for meshing networks providing unlimited footprint coverage without base stations, or even the sophisticated Base driven protocol optimized for TCP/IP applications like IEC104 making them reliable and stable even with a high number of RTU’s.

Thanks to the web interface anybody with basic IP knowledge is capable of starting up RipEX within a few minutes and can maintain the network quite easily.


  • Native IP device
  • 1× ETH, 2× COM, 1× USB
  • Sleep & Save modes
  • 0.1–10 watts, – 40 to +70 °C
  • WiFi management
  • SW feature keys
  • Backup routes
  • Fast remote access