• CTRC-12000-6000

Rated Amps: 6000
Coil Diameter: 12.0: (30.5 cm)

Flexible Rogowski Current Transformer

  • Flexible Opening
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Low Phase Angle Error
  • Window Diameters: 3.1, 4.5, 7.5, or 12 Inches
  • From 250 to 6000 Rated Amps

Easier AC Current Measurement

The CTRC Rogowski coil current transformers are accurate, flexible, rope-like current sensors that can be connected around conductors. They greatly simplify AC current measurements of conductors where traditional split-core and solid-core CTs are difficult to use. With its flexible design, the CTRC is perfect for large bus bars and irregular-shaped conductor bundles. In addition, the coil’s small profile allows it to fit into tight spaces where rigid CTs won’t fit.

Fully Compatible with WattNode® Meters

Sold individually, the CTRC coils can be used for single-phase and three-phase services. The output of the CTRC’s flexible coil is connected to a conditioning circuit, where it is converted to a low-voltage (333.33 mVac) signal which is compatible with any WattNode meter.

Complete Solution

Four standard models are offered covering various conductor sizes and currents up to 6000 Amps. Non-standard currents ranges and window openings are available as custom orders. CTRC Rogowski coils are supplied with conditioning circuit pre-wire to coil and standard 8 ft. (2.4 m) black and white CT wires for connection to WattNode meter.

  • Safe: burden resistor built-in, 333 mVac output at rated full scale current, no shorting blocks needed
  • Low phase angle error: essential for accurate power and energy measurements
  • Approvals: UL Recognized, CE Mark, RoHS

This product is made-to-order from the factory.  As a result you may experience a short delay in receiving your product.  For exact lead times please contact Opto Solutions.

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